Monday, October 09, 2006

Song Girls and More Heat on Pac-10 Refs

We are a sucker for shots of USC Song Girls, and the good folks over at Image of Sport have once helped satisfy our desires. They really know how to play us. Image of Sport is a premium photo service for daily newspapers, editorial publications and websites and they have been kind enough to share some of their images with us from time to time. Here is a link to some of their offerings from the Washington-USC game, which include a spectacular view of the 90,282 in attendance at the L.A. Coliseum. Now this was quite the game, with the Trojans winning, 26-20, and Husky fans (and some players) screaming afterward that they were robbed by the Pacific 10 officiating crew. Two plays upset the Washington side. The first was a ruling on a fake field goal by USC that involved a bit of sideline trickery. The Trojans scored a touchdown on the play. The second was the crew deciding not to put more than two seconds on the clock before a failed attempt by Washington to snap the ball deep in USC territory for a final play. But Verle Sorgen, the coordinator of football officiating for the Pac-10, told the Seattle Times that both plays were called correctly. Just because USC won, not all is right in Hollywood. The clock-management skills of the Trojan coaching staff is getting a workout from fans.


greg6363 said...

I actually tutored a Song Girl in world history during my sophomore year at USC. Man, those were the days.

Displaced Trojan said...

Here's a link to some great Song Girl photos from their official Web site.

The bikini shots from last year's Hawaii opener are the best. Enjoy.

The Displaced Trojan

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

we, by the way, call bullshit on the "correct officiating." replays show repeatedly that WR sonny shackelford's knee was down with 4 seconds left. bogus.

U-Dub Dish

Displaced Trojan said...


I feel your frustration. Real fans of college football, including the better of us Trojans, don't like the way that game ended, either. But, have you ever seen a clock stop the instant a player's knee touches the ground?

Either way, Stanback should have gotten his team up to the line and ready to go, and Ty should have been yelling at him to do so. What were they talking about during that extra "timeout"? I like Ty, but that was bad coaching.

Here's to rooting for U-Dub getting two more wins (at least) and a bowl game. You guys deserve it.

The Displaced Trojan