Friday, October 20, 2006

The Best Things in Life Are Free

It offers a breathtaking panorama of the Bay Area, from gleaming San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge to sparkling Marin County to the north. From this perch, which also overlooks the bowl of Memorial Stadium, California fans can catch a glimpse of the Golden Bears. The price for this precious seat is nothing, and for that reason it's called Tightwad Hill. Generations of Bear fans have made the trek up the hill for games, and even some out-of-town spectators have been known to occupy Tightwad. A few years ago before a game against Utah, two people wearing red — the Utes' color — were spotted watching the Bears practice. Bud "Dog" Turner, who is in charge of security at the stadium, sent and assistant to check on what the men were doing. "He came back and said, 'All they're doing is smoking pot,' " Turner said. "It's very Berkeley up there, believe me. We send some student managers up there, and maybe they see some sights they shouldn't see."


Displaced Trojan said...

Sure it's a nice view, but it's on an active earthquake fault for crissakes!

Serious question: When Cal builds the new stadium after this season, will the site line from the hill be preserved?

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

cal's memorial is a great place...and i was fortunate enough to grow up on college football there, with both of my parents being cal alums and season tix holders for 20+ years.

though up on tightwad, yeah, anything goes. it is berkeley after all.

CM Gayley said...

Supposedly, AD Sandy Barbour has said that they will preserve Tightwad as it is -- not least because the Cannon is there.