Saturday, September 23, 2006

Quite the Catch for Iowa State Receiver

Sorry to inform you, but if you are running around Austin on Saturday and see this young woman, she's taken. Her name is Janna Skrabanek, and she is a cheerleader for the Houston Texans. Skrabanek is also the girlfriend of Iowa State receiver Austin Flynn, whose team is playing Texas. "He's out-kicked his coverage —— by a mile-and-a-half. That's the only reason I room with him on road trips — to see her," Cyclone teammate Todd Blythe told the Des Moines Register. Skrabanek and Flynn are from Deer Park, Texas. "High school sweethearts," he said. So is Flynn feeling insecure now that his girlfriend is hanging around NFL players? "We've been together so long that I trust her in whatever she does, but I get a lot of flack from the guys about that." Blythe is most prominent in this regard. "From what we hear, she's now dating David Carr," he joked about the Texans' starting quarterback.

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