Thursday, July 27, 2006

USC's Battle With Agents

How problematic were sports agents and their associates for USC last season? It turns out that the situation got so out of hand that by spring, Trojan coach Pete Carroll gathered the agents in an auditorium and gave them a speech that, according to various accounts, was a stern warning that contained "a lot of expletives along the way." The L.A. Times, in a lengthy piece, details the maneuvering of agents around campus as they attempted to position themselves for a shot at the Trojans' plethora of NFL-caliber talent. Carroll's anger with the agents may spill over to this season. The coach reportedly remains upset that several underclassmen left early for a shot at NFL riches and is pointing blame at the agents.

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PigKahuna said...

Not sure I feel that sorry for Pete in losing some players early for the NFL. He's just reloading every year.