Thursday, June 01, 2006

Don't Believe Everything You Read

The FBI reportedly has entered the ring and is now involved in the investigation into New Era, the fledgling sports marketing firm that tried to recruit former USC running back Reggie Bush as a client. No, no, no, we aren't talking about the former ECW Tag Team champion Full Blooded Italians, pictured above. We're talking Federal Bureau of Investigation. Now the Wiz is somewhat skeptical of this report, given that the person revealing the FBI's involvement is none other than David Cornwell, who happens to be the attorney representing the Bush family. You might recall that New Era founders Michael Michaels and Lloyd Lake are planning to sue Bush's family for $3.2 million, claiming the family owes them $300,000 in business-related expenses, plus punitive damages. So Cornwell's announcement that he had a "lengthy" phone call with an FBI agent last week activated the Wiz's B.S. meter. The trusty device went off a second time when Cornwell declined to identify who he spoke with or which FBI field office was involved.

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