Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We'll Leave the Light on for You

Despite more strong denials over Vince Young's alleged first score of 6 on the Wonderlic test and criticism of his advisers, the endorsement opportunities are rolling in for the former Texas quarterback (Just kidding, of course). It turns out Pro Football Talk, which posted the above image, wasn't alone in reporting Young's score in his first crack at the intelligence exam that is given to NFL prospects at the combine. The Tennessean and Sacramento Bee published accounts Sunday and the respected John Czarnecki of FOX also made note of a low score. Now while much of the talk has centered on Young's Wonderlic audible, many top prospects take the test twice, just not in the mysterious way Young went about it. Targeted college players usually take a crack at it in the spring before their final season of eligibility, then tackle it again at the combine. Pro Football Talk obtained Wonderlic scores of last year's top prospects and compared results when two scores were available. For example, Akron quarterback Charlie Frye improved his score on the second test by 18 points. Auburn quarterback Jason Campbell had a 14-point increase. But not every player improves. Virginia offensive guard Elton Brown and Nevada Las Vegas safety Jamaal Brimmer dropped 12 points on their second tries. Wisconsin running back Anthony Davis had his score drop by 11. And Miami running back Frank Gore got a 6 in his only attempt at the Wonderlic, according to this list. But when it comes to preparing for the Wonderlic, nothing beats the Internet. At least some Texas columnists, knowing Young's unique skills will soon make him a millionaire, are having fun with the situation (some registration).

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djej1 said...

Frank Gore has a learning disability. That was the reason for his low score.