Tuesday, March 07, 2006

After $100 Mil, It's All Academic for Ross

Every university can use a fatcat or two. Just ask Oklahoma State. At Michigan, Stephen M. Ross is the man. In 2004, Ross, a New York City real estate developer and alumnus of Michigan, cut a fat check for $100 million to the business school, which was then renamed the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Then he provided another $5 million (mere pocket change!) in 2005 for the lead contribution in the $12-million, 38,000-square foot, three-story Stephen M. Ross Academic Center. The new digs are now open and the facility is quickly becoming a hit with Wolverine football players, many of whom are intent on scoring more than 6 on any Wonderlic test. Said offensive lineman Rueben Riley, "I can't speak for the rest of the football team or the athletic teams but Rueben Riley is definitely going to have a better GPA because of this place."

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