Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dept. of USC: From Video to Billboards

We told you about Anthony Davis' gastric bypass surgery that will be cybercast. Now you can see the former Trojan in his heyday, racing through the Notre Dame defense in what is arguably the greatest turnaround of a college game. The year was 1974, and USC trailed Notre Dame, 24-0, late in the second quarter. Davis scores on a swing pass to make it 24-6 at halftime, then he returns the second-half kickoff for a touchdown to ignite the thunderous comeback that leads to a 55-24 Trojan victory. A Trojan fan has put together a video package of this game, along with highlight packages from the 2002-2005 seasons. If you're a junky and in need of a football fix, then check it out. And now for our billboard update. Matt Leinart beat them all, but the site One Peat says its billboard in L.A. will be up within six days. We are not sure where USC Dynasty is headed with its plans. The advertising agency allegedly backed out of the deal for a billboard in Baton Rouge because of threats of vandalism. Bottom line: All talk, no action from Dynasty.

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