Saturday, February 18, 2006

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

While the websites One Peat and USC Dynasty continue to snipe at each other and proclaim they are on the verge of putting up billboards and escalating their war of words, we turn our attention to somebody who actually gets things done. Quarterback Matt Leinart, the 2004 Heisman Trophy winner from USC, had 14 billboards posted Friday in the L.A. area to thank Trojan fans. The billboard promotion coincided with the unveiling of a new site, Matt Leinart QB. Agent Leigh Steinberg, who represents Leinart, is no doubt orchestrating the moves to increase Leinart's marketability. Certainly a savvy move given Leinart's ties to L.A., arguably the entertainment capital of the world.


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Flustered? You're kidding, right? Go back and watch the Rose Bowl, he wasn't flustered. Leinart made the plays he needed to. Texas' defense just kept the players around him from doing the same. He's more deserving of the #1 overall pick than Bush is, in my opinion.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not USC or Texas fan. In fact, I can't stand either one of them. It just bothers me how so many biased people can't appreciate an athlete's talent, just because you don't like the team they play for.

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USC-LSU Billboard Problems

A group calling itself "One Peat" Is putting up Billboards in the Los Angeles area taunting USC about a "One Peat" championship. It is being financed by a LSU Alum in Dallas

When a USC alum had a plan to put up a similar sign taunting LSU in Baton Rouge, LSU fans threatened to burn it down so Lamar Advertising canceled the billboard.

Other Key Points

-LSU gets a sign but USC Does not

-The President of the BR Paper and WBRZ donated $1000 to the anti USC sign, great media bias

- Why does one city allow it and the other not?

-Nice to see LSU fans spending money on a billboard in Los Angeles when it could be spent on Hurricane relief.

"I was going to make the last $1,000 offer, but I see it has been done. So if you feel his is good, I'll make the second to last $1,000.

Richard Manship, President WBRZ and The Advocate.
" -From the One Peat Website

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Leinert/Texas/blah blah blah
The one college football game in YEARS truly worthy of the hype. I am a Texas fan and even if Texas had lost, the would STILL have been the best in years. Leinert? Not NFL material? Put down the crack pipe. I love Vince Young, but he is going to be another Mike Vick. Leinert is Tom Brady caliber.

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leinart would do good in the nfl, if he COULD TAKE A HIT. he cant, and when he goes to the nfl, he will get his bell rung like a bitch. and leinart is not tom brady material, b/c tom brady has class. leinart has none. to say that his team was better after a loss is retarded, and he is very into himself by starting his own website and putting up these gay billboards all about him thanking the fans. and if you say that he is doing that to raise his draft number, does that mean that he is not good enough to get a top spot if he does not advertise himself?

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in response that money should be sent to hurricane katrina victims, you obviously have no idea what has happened here and what is still happening. These are grown men and they can spend their money how they choose, and the extra money "has" gone to the red cross. Oh yeah, Auburn was better that USC in 04. USC shouldn't have won "one" championship. And you call our little rinky dink newspaper biased. Of course they are, but why should you care what the Advocate does. Read the LA times or something from your area.