Tuesday, January 17, 2006

They're Going Hog Wild in Arkansas

It has been the biggest soap opera in Arkansas since Jennifer Flowers told Bill Clinton that it was not polite to point. Mitch Mustain, the Gatorade and Parade prep player of the year, announced Monday that he would attend Arkansas after all. Mustain had given Houston Nutt an oral commitment on Aug. 15, then told the coach he wanted to shop around before Christmas. Nutt seemingly panicked, hiring Mustain's high school coach as offensive coordinator, then had to watch as Notre Dame coach Crewcut Charlie Weis and Tennessee assistant David Cutcliffe made their sales pitches. Arkansas fans were in a tizzy, but it all worked out in the end. A story of this magnitude would not be complete without a video link.

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Anonymous said...

Wiz, it seems you clearly hanve an anti-ND or anti-Weis bias, because once again you've gotten your facts wrong regarding Charlie Weis. Although Mustain was quoted as showing interest in Notre Dame, he was never offered a scholarship because "Crewcut" Charlie kept his word to the 2 quarterbacks he had already offered. There is no evidence of any "sales pitch, so please try to get your facts right.