Thursday, November 03, 2005

Spurrier Adds to Criticism of ESPN

Now that South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier has had a chance to look things over, he has seconded the motion put forth by Auburn's Tommy Tuberville that says ESPN has simply become too powerful and has gone out of its way to promote a USC-Texas matchup in the Rose Bowl. "I wish they would say everybody is pretty good and leave it at that rather than maybe picking out some schools, saying how great they are and how wonderful it is there compared to other places," Spurrier said. Tuberville's comments last week brought a round of fire from ESPN newsreader Dan Patrick, only to be followed by cohort Chris Fowler's attack on Tuberville during last Saturday's "GameDay" telecast. And thanks to Ben Maller's sharp eye, Fowler is caught red-handed touting a USC-Texas matchup 19:09 into a multimedia segment for (registration).


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