Monday, August 18, 2008

The Ultimate Toast to Bo

Bo Schembechler was never one to whine, but now there is wine named after the Michigan coaching legend. Bo Merlot will be unveiled in the Ann Arbor area next week before the Wolverines' opener against those teetotalers from Utah.

The merlot comes from a winery in Monterey because California is the site of the Rose Bowl, which Schembechler set as his team's goal each season.

The price is $19.69. Of course, 1969 was Schembechler's first season as Wolverine coach.

The wine is described as having an "intense fruit forwardness with a luscious berry concentration ... a rich presentation on the palate with a lovely, lingering finish."

Marlena Studer, who operates the company distribution Bo Merlot, says. "It's not a wine you chug down, but one you sip slowly and enjoy."

Thanks to Kevin at FanBlogs.

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Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the Woody Hayes Chardonney - so good it's like a punch to the face.