Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Despite Arrest, Wilson Is Back With Gators

Florida defensive lineman Ronnie Wilson returned to the team this week as a walk-on despite an apparent violation earlier this year of his probation.

Wilson was kicked out of school last year after he spit on and slapped a man during a scuffle at a nightclub on the morning of April 5, 2007, according to a Gainesville police report. Wilson is said to have waited outside for the man to leave the club and later pulled an AK-47 from the trunk of his car and fired shots into the air. You can hear the shots being fired on a 911 call that is linked here.

Wilson pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of battery and discharging a firearm in public and was booted out of the university.

He was allowed to enroll in the spring semester on Jan. 7, 2008, a day after he was arrested again and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana, according to court records obtained by the Miami Herald. The arrest was an apparent violation of his probation

The marijuana charge was dropped on April 3. Terms of Wilson's probation end April 21, 2009.

Urban Meyer acknowledged he was aware of Wilson's arrest in January and told the Herald that the lineman wasn't officially back on the team. But the junior is listed on Florida's roster that was distributed and he was given his old jersey number 70.


Reverend Paul Revere said...

Somewhere, Outside the Lines is ignoring this story and harassing Joe Paterno.

Hobnail_Boot said...

No kidding, RPR.

Georgia is really out of control with all these college kids drinking. Nothing to see in Gainesville though, move along now.

Anonymous said...

Urban Meyer once again selling his soul for football glory.