Thursday, July 10, 2008


Yes, we know. A rare USC post without the Song Girls. Please forgive us. ...

Nonetheless, here's the Trojans' poster schedule for 2008, thanks to readers Adam and Ken. Let's see what in-house critic Mike has to say:

"Once again the Trojans have legitimate national title hopes. However, USC has shown a troubling habit of losing games it shouldn't and ends up watching the title game from the sidelines (see Stanford 2007, Oregon State and UCLA 2006). It does break in a new quarterback in Mark Sanchez, 2004 Parade All-American Player of the Year, and if he stumbles Mitch Mustain, 2005 Parade All-American Player of the Year, is ready to go. Geez, all that talent to go with the Song Girls.

"Apparently, USC liked the poster so much it decided to show it twice, going with the same image in a Salvador Dali-esque, poster within a poster. But I have to acknowledge that it works for me, with the ghosted background framing the smaller, sharper middle image. The featured player is No. 10 — linebacker Brian Cushing. I also like the way the poster plays up the Trojan heritage with the sword and image of the players in the Coliseum."


Anonymous said...

yuo cannot be serious that you like this poster!?

first of all, it is dumb and boring. It has no imagination either.

second of all, I thought the schedule within the schedule was just for our viewing purposes so we could see it here. but, it really is that way. retarded.

you'd feel the same way if you werent tied to the school pal. bad luck this season except for when the acorns come to town.

Statueleft said...

Would you rather have Traveler the horse on the poster?

Anonymous said...

no, i'd rather have "Traveler" the tv show form last summer back on!

Anonymous said...

Is tht O.J. holding that big knife?!?!