Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Texas El Paso

Texas El Paso's poster was sent to us by Jesus. What do Mike and Mike from S.F. have to say about the Miners' effort? Let's find out. First Mike's review:

"From a purely aesthetic standpoint I like this poster a lot. I think the images pop out against the white background and I like the ghosted images in the background. Overall the style is clean and the lines used to border the schedule give it a crisp look. I like the combination of orange and blue on the text and schedule.

"Now the bad: At first glance, I thought I was looking at an Illinois poster. Maybe that's my Big Ten bias. And what's with the font? It resembles a crumbling brick and 'UTEP' gets lost in the poster. I am not sure the phrase 'Orange Fever — Catch It' helps convey any message about the team. Finally, it's never a good idea to put a kicker or punter on your poster because it screams, 'The rest of our squad isn't very good.' "

Mike from S.F.:

"The poster has a nice, clean look, in particular the layout of the schedule at the bottom.

"Teams generally feature skill players on posters. Not the Miners, at least this year. UTEP selected an interesting mix of center Robby Felix, tight end Jamar Hunt, safety Josh Ferguson, linebacker Adam Vincent and kicker Jose Martinez.

"The Miners might regret the 'Come Early, Be Loud, Wear Orange' line for their home opener against Texas, the first meeting between the teams since 1933."


Jeeber said...

Regarding the players on the poster, UTEP always puts senior starters on there. And about the "putting a kicker on there means the rest of your players aren't any good" line...Jose Martinez was a finalist for the Lou Groza Award last season, and is one of the premier kickers in the nation. If we can't honor one of the best players in the nation at his position, who should we honor?

Anonymous said...

Granted UTEP is apart of the UT system, but there slogan is too close to UT Austin's "Come Early, Be Loud, Stay Late, Wear Orange" slogan, which has been used by UT Austin for a long time.

Tom said...

Go Miners!