Sunday, July 06, 2008

Reporters' Notebooks

Kevin Scarbinsky, Birmingham News: With salaries like these, who needs incentives? After extending his losing streak in the Southeastern Conference championship game to three, Phil Fulmer got a new seven-year deal that will pay him an average of $2.99 million a year.

Brian Bennett, Louisville Courier-Journal: Louisville receiver Trent Guy was shot outside a downtown nightclub, but team officials were hopeful that he would make a full recovery.

Jeff Carroll, South Bend Tribune: Lou Holtz will forever be linked to Jesse Helms, the six-term U.S. Senator from North Carolina who died Friday. Thanks to Get The Picture.

Sports By Brooks: From the Department of Wasted Money: The Texas high school athletic association spent $3 million on a steroid testing program this past year and only two kids out of 10,000 tested came up positive.

Jerry Green, Detroit News: The Big Ten and Pacific 10 should embark on an annual football challenge.

Drew Sharp, Detroit Free Press: Rich Rodriguez needs to apply the disciplinary hammer to Kevin Grady.

Barry Jackson, Miami Herald: Good news for Miami fans. They'll be able to purchase alcohol at Hurricane games at Dolphin Stadium until the end of halftime.

Dave Matter, Columbia Tribune: The best linemen in the Big 12 play at Oklahoma.

Ferd Lewis, Honolulu Advertiser: Hawaii received a $4,922,062 disbursement check from the Western Athletic Conference, nearly three times that of the next highest school, Boise State.

Dan Hinxman, Reno Gazette-Journal: The FieldTurf surface at Nevada's Mackay Stadium will undergo maintenance on July 21, and officials hope to replace the surface before the 2009 season.

Charleston Gazette-Mail: Former Marshall player Donte' D. Newsome was shot and killed inside a Huntington nightclub.

Allison Kasic, Christian Science Monitor: Title IX's damage to men's sports needs to be discussed.

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