Saturday, July 05, 2008

No Defense for Sooners' BCS Bowl Problem

Oklahoma, despite going 97-22 in nine seasons under Bob Stoops, has a problem. The Sooners have lost their way in the postseason, dropping four Bowl Championship Series games in a row, a streak during which the defense has given up an average of 41.8 points.

Suddenly the team that rolls through the Big 12 — the Sooners have won five of the last six league titles — is no longer feared nationally.

But Oklahoma's problems are the kind other Big 12 teams would love to have. Only Kansas State, Texas and Kansas have been to BCS bowls from the Big 12 during the Sooners' four-game BCS skid.

"There's a lot that happens between the Big 12 championship and the bowl game. ... You've got juniors that are going into the NFL." Stoops said. "You've got agents all over the place. There's a lot that changes from the Big 12 championship to the BCS bowls. And obviously, we've got to do a better job of it here."

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Anonymous said...

honestly. the little 12 is the most over rated conference by far in college football.

first, they are top heavy.

second, they play too many Div 1-AA teams.

third, they always lose their BCS game with exception to KU.