Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Does Pregame Sex Help or Hurt Athletes?

It turns out that Rocky Balboa's trainer, Mickey, was wrong. Women do not weaken legs of an athlete.

University of Kansas sports team physician Sean Cupp settled the matter this week, saying no true scientific studies proved night-before sex impedes performance in any way. Cupp told the Daily Kansan that if sex happened to be part of an athlete’s typical nighttime routine, the person shouldn't suddenly abandon lovemaking.

"Basically, the best way to continue positive performance outcomes would be to not change your pregame ritual," he said.


Vance said...

Where are the clinical trials held?

Anonymous said...

They already did this a while ago on that show sports science. Old news.

We Are...Penn State email list said...

We need a study for fans. Will my having sex on Friday night help Penn State win on Saturday? If so, I'll ask my wife to "take one for the team" this season.