Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Slick Rick Auctions Off Playcalling

UCLA held an athletic fundraiser Saturday night and Slick Rick Neuheisel was in fine form.

Not only did the Bruin coach conduct the Alumni Band for one song, he played auctioneer when it came time for bids on a sideline pass to UCLA's game against rival USC on Dec. 6 at the Rose Bowl.

According to an account posted on Bruin Zone, the bidding wasn't going well, so Neuheisel got up and said, "OK, I'll let you call call the first play."

Bidding picked up and the pass went for $10,000. Later, Neuheisel muttered that, "Well, we may audible your call."

Neuheisel was only warming up. Next up was a package to the Bruins' game at Washington, where a rather hostile crowd is expected to greet the former Huskies coach on Nov. 15. The package includes travel on the team charter, lodging at the team hotel and a game ticket.

Again, bidding was slow, so Neuheisel grabbed the microphone and said he would make sure the winning bidder would get a sideline pass, adding that "if you know my history at UDub, I need somebody in case they want to throw debris."

The crowd laughed and the bidding picked up, with the package going for $10,000.

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