Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reporters' Notebooks

Carolyn Jones and Charles Burress, San Francisco Chronicle: California's plan to build a state-of-the-art athletic training center next to Memorial Stadium is on hold until the university can prove the project would not violate state earthquake-safety laws, a judge ruled. Plus, a slideshow of the Berkeley tree-sitters, featuring "Dumpster Muffin."

Joseph Duarte, Houston Chronicle: The Big East Conference has parted ways with the Texas Bowl and will be replaced by Conference USA the next two years.

Shaggy Bevo: A very cool timelapse of the expansion project at Texas' Darrell K. Royal-Memorial Stadium spanning three years. Thanks to TV Tan Line.

MGoBlog: How's that renovation of Michigan Stadium coming along? Here's a look from inside the Big House.

John E. Hoover, Tulsa World: Why do coaches love the bowls and wish to stay married to the BCS? More importantly, why do university presidents and conference commissioners favor the current system instead of a playoff? Thanks to Get The Picture.

David Climer, Tennessean: Gas might be $4 a gallon and the economy is struggling, but you can't tell it by college coaches' salaries, which continue to break the bank.

Tim Stephens, Orlando Sentinel: Notre Dame to the Pacific 10? He's back to clarify a few things about superconferences and thinning of the herd.

Ray Melick, Birmingham News: When it comes to breaking NCAA rules, the number of repeat offenders suggests that many teams simply believe the risk of punishment is worth the potential reward.

Jenna Marina, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Bill Curry will be paid $350,000 a year to coach Georgia State. This is what his resume looks like (PDF).

Brian Morelli, Iowa City Press-Citizen: Law enforcement officials struggled to preserve material from a month-old alleged sexual assault crime scene that court documents indicate they did not have access to but Iowa players did.

Aubrey Whelan, Daily Collegian: Football tickets for students entering their junior year sold out in about 90 seconds Tuesday morning, one day after a senior ticket sale that did not sell out for nine hours.

Natalie Meisler, Denver Post: Colorado State coach Steve Fairchild is on crutches after having hip replacement surgery this month.

Indianapolis Star: A decision on whether to repair or replace the turf at Indiana's Memorial Stadium, which was recently damaged in a series of storms, is expected by Friday.

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