Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mark Townsend Fights the Good Fight

It was election day Tuesday in many parts of the country, and one of the most-watched races involved the Democratic primary for U.S. Senator in Alabama, where Mark Townsend hoped to make a stand.

Despite appearances, Townsend is no dummy. Knowing that many voters in the state have a deep dislike for the NCAA, Townsend hoped to corner that vote with a platform that included abolishing the governing body. To reinforce his position, he actually had his named listed as Mark "No NCAA" Townsend on the ballot (click on sample ballot or the image above for a closer look).

Townsend sued the NCAA in 2001 for — among other things — sanctions it imposed against the football programs at Auburn and Alabama. Unfortunately, he didn't get anywhere in federal court.

Townsend has reportedly complained about NCAA football telecasts not showing college bands playing the national anthem before the games or performing at halftime.

"I believe the National Collegiate Athletic Association is the devil's pitch fork," he said in a campaign announcement.

Townsend ran for the Democratic nomination for governor in 2002 using the nickname "Rodeo Clown." The nickname apparently got voters' attention. Townsend, a truck driver, finished third in a five-candidate field.

But on Tuesday, Townsend's hopes were dashed as he finished third in the three-person runoff.


Mole said...

Are we sure that is Mark Townsend, and not Walter Sobchak of Sobchak security?

Anonymous said...

One look at that guy and I'm guessing he's fan of the SEC. Yeee Hawww!...Where's my moonshine?!

Anonymous said...

Flat top? Overalls? Vacant look in his eyes? Yep, he's from Alabama.

Anonymous said...

Though he does have an American flag lapel pin on, so he’s more fit to hold office than Obama is.

anonymous bullshit said...

American flag lapel pins have nothing to do with office fitness. Take a look at this instance, a lapel flag pins on overalls just means this guy makes pigs squeal. Something you know about all too well.