Tuesday, May 13, 2008

They're Drinking the Kool-Aid at SMU

Forget about June Jones the football coach. June Jones the salesman has them buying at Southern Methodist.

Then again, coming off a 1-11 season, what are the options?

"Everybody that's come to practice talks about how much fun everybody's having," freshman quarterback Logan Turner said. "Guys want to be out there. We're having fun and we're learning at the same time. We know these guys have been successful."

Junior receiver Emmanuel Sanders said he told Jones, "You play college football like a video game."

"It's just very complex, and it's very fun," Sanders told the Dallas Morning News. "He plays a mind game with the opposing defense. They'll never figure out what he's throwing at them."

The positive vibes start with Jones. "I've noticed a change from day one to now," he said. "They're getting used to what we're about and how we coach. I'm confident the way we do it works."

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Noah said...

I'm pretty sure Georgia figured it out, actually.