Friday, May 16, 2008

Reporters' Notebooks

Phil Stukenborg, Memphis Commercial Appeal: That talk about Memphis joining the Big East is just that — talk. Tiger athletic director R.C. Johnson said, "I have had no meetings with the Big East."

Dave Hickman, Charleston Gazette: Unless Notre Dame is in the process of leaving the Big East, Memphis won't be joining anytime soon.

Jeff McLane, Philadelphia Inquirer: Joe Paterno was taken to a hospital after complaining of nausea, weakness and fatigue. It was determined that the 81-year-old coach was suffering from dehydration.

Michael Rothstein, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Crewcut Charlie Weis continues to have his name dragged into Spygate. It appears he was a key player the New England Patriots' illegal taping practices.

Tony Barnhart, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Why can't the Atlantic Coast Conference play its title game in the Georgia Dome? The Southeastern Conference is the main reason. Plus, the NCAA puts bowls on notice. There might not be enough 6-6 teams to go around.

Randy Kennedy, Mobile Press-Register: The ACC is severing its ties with the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise after the 2008 season and is looking to land a spot in the GMAC Bowl in Mobile beginning in 2009.

Brian Davis, Dallas Morning News: About 70% of coaches favor an early signing date, according to a survey by the American Football Coaches Association.

Michael Grant, Louisville Courier-Journal: Rising costs have forced Louisville to scale back its expansion of Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

Jerry Hill, Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's opener at home against Wake Forest was moved from Aug. 30 to Thursday, Aug. 28.

Craig Smith, Seattle Times: Jailed Washington State safety Xavier Hicks has violated terms of his work-release agreement.

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The Bull Gator said...

Maybe someone else knows more about this, but there have been rumors in Tampa that the ACC looked to Raymond James as a permanent site for their championship game as well. They didn't get it because USF and West Virginia want to continue their annual game on the last week of the season and not have to push the game up a week when it's supposed to be in Tampa. Don't know if I really blame them. Tampa is trying it's best to embrace USF football as much as they can (and doing a decent job so far) and the Big East really wants to do anything it can to help that rivalry and since they don't have a championship game on their own, why not have USF/WVU on championship Saturday.

Anonymous said...

They didn't get it because USF and West Virginia want to continue their annual game on the last week of the season

Huh? Have they EVER played on the last week of the season?? I'm guessing you're not really a bulls fan?

The Bull Gator said...
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The Bull Gator said...

2005 - Dec. 3rd
2006 - Nov. 25th

So, yes they have played on the last week of the season. 2005 was the same day as the championship games, 2006 was the week before. In 2008, they are scheduled to play on Dec. 6th and want to continue to play on that weekend in the future.