Thursday, April 03, 2008

Perrilloux's Spring Over Before It Started

Ryan Perrilloux's on-again, off-again status with Louisiana State appears to be off once again.

"He has not fulfilled some obligations that were set by coach Les Miles in order to return to practice," sports information director Michael Bonnette said. "He has not regained practice privileges and will not until he fulfills the requirements set by coach."

Miles said last week that Perrilloux, the expected starter at quarterback, was "no longer suspended. He's on the team, but not with playing privilege or practice privilege."

The practice restriction was to end Monday, but the quarterback was a no-show on that day and again on Tuesday. With only one practice left before Saturday's spring game, it appears time has run out on Perrilloux.

So what happened? The Daily Reveille reported that Perrilloux allegedly caused a scene at an area bar and restaurant last weekend. A server at Kona Grill told the student newspaper that Perrilloux entered the bar 30 minutes after it had closed and attempted to order drinks.

After he was denied service, Perrilloux began to curse and use racial slurs. A manager approached Perrilloux and asked him to leave. Perrilloux cursed the manager and employees called the cops. By the time they arrived, the quarterback had left.

Miles reportedly called the establishment the next day and apologized. The restaurant manager is now denying that there was an incident and Miles avoided discussion Wednesday about the talented but troubled Perrilloux.

What does Miles do with Perrilloux, who continues to defy orders? A reader at EDSBS summed it up this way: "Seriously, think about this. Not only has this guy said f--k you to the rules over and over again, but it's at the point now where Miles is actually calling places personally to apologize for his QB’s behavior. How f--king embarrassing is that?"

Update: Yet another employee at Kona Grill confirmed that Perrilloux was involved in an altercation at the restaurant, saying the junior quarterback called a server “Osama.” The Daily Reveille also has a column by Keith Claverie, calling for Miles to kick Perrilloux off the team.


Anonymous said...

If Miles had an ounce of class, which he doesn't, Perrillouxser would never see the field again at LSU.

Anonymous said...

Coach Miles needs to end this now...He has his NCAA title in his back pocket which should protect him and the program for a year or two...Dump this embarrassment of a man-student-LSUTiger before the end of spring and tell him to find another occupation not on the Baton Rouge campus or playing field. Keeping this QB around will only bring bad things to LSU in the long run. There has got to be another Matt Flynn type QB somewhere in the USA high school ranks that would love to be the LSU QB in 2009... In 2008 you just have to suck it up and win with Defense!

mike said...

If this was a white student who made racial slurs he would be off the team. Not only that but the manager and the coach would be accused of a cover up. Everyone should be held accountable to the same standards. They should make Ryan accept responsibilty for his actions, apologize to the people he used the slurs against, and attend sensitivity training before he can play again.

Anonymous said...

We here in Texas are so glad that Perriloux decided not to come here. Of course, he would have seen about as much action here as he is at LSU-slim to none.