Friday, April 04, 2008

Paterno Springs Into Action

Joe Paterno lifted the ban on cameras inside of a Penn State practice last Saturday. This seemingly hasn't been done since the Nittany Lions switched from leather helmets to molded polycarbonate shells.

Now why would Paterno suddenly change his policy? Our guess is that it's all tied to the contract standoff between Paterno and university president Graham Spanier and trustees who want this season to be Paterno's last.

As you can see from the clips, the 81-year-old Paterno is rather involved in this practice, at one point telling a lineman to pull his shirt down. Thanks to SI On Campus.


Anonymous said...

PSU and FSU alums and fans may not admit it, but it is a duel to the death (probably literally) between JoePa and Bobby (Bowden.)

If he has his way, Joe will retire right after Bobby Bowden. Both desperately want the "most CFB wins in the history of ever" title in the bag, and since are both turkey neck and turkey neck in the comparative W column, neither will back down.

Anonymous said...

Huh? PSU fans and FSU fans may not admit it? They're the ones that are pushing for changes to be made! Nobody is blind's fairly evident to everyone that both of these situations are based on the egos of two once great coaches struggling to outlast each other.