Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Odd Couple

We have no reason to run this photo other than it's Mark Friggin' Mangino. OK, maybe one other reason. Stacey Dales.

Now don't they make a lovely couple?

We aren't sure of the origin of this photo, but you have to love Mangino wearing the shades at a night game. How cool is that?

The big guy did throw out the first pitch Tuesday night at the Kansas City Royals' home opener. Mangino, working from the stretch, reportedly fired a strike.

"Maybe if Frank Thomas was batting, it would have been a high strike," he said.


Anonymous said...

That's Kyle Field in College Station, Tx.

Another home loss for the Fighting Farmers of Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University! It just makes me sick.

btw, would you do Stacy Dales? I know I would.

Three N Out said...

I noticed her last night on the NCAA women's game last night.

Where'd she play? OU?

Rob said...

Breaking news: I would shove it in Stacey Dale.