Friday, April 25, 2008

Did Carr Help Boren Transfer to Buckeyes?

The announcement this week that offensive lineman Justin Boren was transferring from Michigan to Ohio State came as no surprise. It had been expected from the moment Boren left the Wolverines in a huff, saying that the "family values" he had grown accustomed to while playing for the Wolverines had "eroded in just a few months" under Rich Rodriguez.

Now comes word that Boren might have had help in his transfer from former Wolverine coach Lloyd Carr.

Writes Rob Oller of the Columbus Dispatch: "Maybe they should take a cue from previous Michigan coach Lloyd Carr, who according to a source close to the situation worked behind the scenes to help Boren obtain his scholarship release from Michigan.

"Carr even assured Boren that Ohio State is the closest thing to Michigan that he would find and that there are 'good people' in Columbus."

Thanks to Image of Sport.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Michigan fans should just let it go.

Anonymous said...

wtf are you talking about? Michigan fans have let it go. I don't see a single word in that post quoting a Michigan fan.

We couldn't give a fuck less. Bye bye baby Boren.

And fyi nobody would have ever had a problem with Boren if he would have just stfu and left. He had to run his whiny mouth, though, and show his ass on the way out.

Buckeyes can have him.

Anonymous said...

If indeed Carr "helped" Boren leave and using the "family values have been eroded" excuse, shame on Lloyd Carr, because it's apparent that Carr didn't want to step down, but pressure from administration and critics became too much to dissuade.

Noah said...

We already let Boren go. And if he hadn't been whining about having to run in practice, this story would have been over weeks ago. It's not the fans who are keeping it going.