Thursday, March 06, 2008

Rich Rod Gives Relationship Advice

There was the allegation that he was recruiting for Michigan the same day he stepped down at West Virginia. There was Purdue's Joe Tiller, who said "a guy in a wizard hat selling snake oil" stole one of his recruits.

Rich Rodriguez quickly made enemies on the recruiting trail.

What's Rich Rod's reaction to all of this?

"Sometimes coaches will tell you, when somebody verbals, that just tells you who you've got to beat to get him," he said. "If somebody verbally commits to your institution, but they continue to visit, that verbal commitment is not a real solid verbal commitment.

"That’s like you say you’re engaged to someone but you continue to date. Your fiancee ain't going to be very happy."


Paterno Lives! said...

so this makes dickrod a....homewrecker? a wizzard homewrecker that is.

Anonymous said...

He's already been caught cheating on his wife with a WVU cheerleader. Scumbag extraordinairre.

Purdue Matt said...

Classy Guy!