Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pryor, Teammates Involved in Fight

Terrelle Pryor, whose character was questioned during a basketball game last month, reportedly was involved in a fight Saturday after his Jeannette High team defeated North Catholic in a state playoff game.

Pryor was one of many players involved in the skirmish between the teams in the hallway after Jeannette's 86-60 victory.

Pryor said a North Catholic player called him a name in the handshake line and, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pryor had to be held back by teammates.

A few North Catholic players had bruises and their heads and faces and coach Dave Long said some of the players might need stitches. Pryor also said a few of his teammates were cut.

"We didn't start his," said Pryor, the hotshot quarterback who has narrowed his choice of schools to Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State.

Police said the incident, so far, is being treated as a disturbance and no criminal charges have been filed.

Thanks to Kevin of We Are Penn State.


KC said...

I am now weary of anyone who wants to shake my hand. Whatever ever happened to "good sportsmanship" an all that

Travis Bickle said...

Character no longer factors into sports. Many of these kids have no moral upbringing. They are fathered by hip hop rap which teaches disrespect and mayhem. The Gang culture has taken over. Where is Jesse Jackass and Al Sharpton on this? Nowhere cuz there's not money to be made or any corporate entity to shake down.

Anonymous said...

You might recall that this is the second post-game incident involving Pryor. He had one about three weeks ago. Here you go:

Story here.

Anonymous said...

You expect anything less from a bunch of big headed thugs?

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that the North Catholic students, from personal experience, would never cause such a fight. They are very respectful to their fellow team mates, no matter what the score is. The team has been taught nothing but respect for the game, the players, and the audience. There is no way that they could have started that fight.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. Whatever happened to good sportsmanship? You must be talking about the North Catholic team making inappropriate racial comments right? Otherwise I'm not sure I see how TP and his team should be judged and criticized for poor sportmanship without some level of hypocrisy being demonstrated by that statement.

As for the commentor that mentioned the gang culture? Is it possible that the caucasian students were the ones that initiated the conflict? Despite their OBVIOUS moral superiority, coming from such a wholesome program, IS it possible that even a team of TEENAGERS that have been coached to be respectful and to exhibit good sportsmanship, COULD in the heat of the moment make inappropriate and offensive comments that might instigate a conflict?

Could it also be that teams are targetting TP given his media driven 'high profile' status?

By your logic: No, it certaintly can't be that (based on the comments many of you made). It most certainly must be that the "thugs" acted irrationally and provoked an alteraction despite beating the Noth Catholic team handily in this playoff game.

While shaking hands, TP out of the blue got upset to the point where his team had to hold him back. His behavior has to be attributed to the fact that he is a thug and doesn't think rationally and therefore caused the altercation for no reason whatsoever and that the North Catholic students demonstrated good sportsmanship because that is the way they were 'taught'. You've got to be kidding me, right?

Another question I will pose to this group is, what do you think they teach at North Catholic that is so different at Jeannette from a sportsmanship aspect? Do you honestly believe the coach at Jeannetted is NOT teaching his kids how to respect the game and the teams they play? Is he teaching his team to beat up other teams? Ridiculous.

People need to leave their bubbles every once in a while and view the world from the perspective and sheos of people outside their environments. They get so absorbed in their stereotypes and stigmas that it affects their perceptions of thinks and causes them to automtically judge events with applying logical thought.

I'm not saying TP is guiltless, however, for people to condem him and his team simply for being 'afro-american' or because they believe the 'caucasian' team is INCAPABLE of wrongdoing is ridiculous and borders on racism.

I encourage all of you to analyze situations like this in more depth and to gather additional facts before being so quick to judge based on preconceived notions or stereotypes that you may harbor.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Word is that it was the North Catholic coach's son who made the remarks to Pryor. So much for the NC coach being such a great teacher and educator.

Adam said...

Oh relax. The kid probably just called him a dick or something. If you were a suburban white kid would you really dare to say anything more to a guy as big as Pryor? I sure as hell wouldn't.

If I guy like Pryor can't handle taking some flack at a high school basketball game, how's he going to fare in an NCAA football game when every player on defense is gunning for the superstar recruit who took an extra month to make his commitment?

Anonymous said...

The punk would be a great fit at Thug U (miami).

Anonymous said...

Two post-game incidents in about 4 games with Jeannette? Where's there's smoke there's fire. Pryor's team seems to be the one common link in those two incidents.

Anonymous said...

I have talked to some of the basketball players from North Catholic. This is the story I got from them.

After the game had ended, they do the usual handshake line-up after the game to congratulate the other team for a job well done. Pryor had shook all hands except Joe Long's. As much as Joe tried to be a good sport about things, Pryor still refused to shake Long's hand. After that, Joe called him a pussy.

Now being called pussy is kinda rude, I'll admit, but with the football career coming up, obviously there will be name calling. To all you football players out there reading this, obviously there is name calling on the field. You can't help it. Besides, pussy is NOT a racial word.

Pryor was upset after Long calling him a pussy, that him and the teammates of his blocked the locker room door so that the last 5 players couldn't enter. Pryor then threw the first punch. In the middle of the fight, another teammate of North Catholic was attempting to get out of the locker room. He had gotten his hand out, and they slammed the door on it. He was in pain and he was the one who yelled the racist word, but out of pain.

As for being a 'thug' team, no one said they were a thug team. Yes they are all african american, but that doesn't mean they're all thugs. As a matter of fact, the North Catholic team is NOT all caucasian. There are some african americans on the team.

In the end, Pryor over reacted. If he's planning on sports as his future, he should get used to being called 'pussy' and 'dick' because college players do indeed say those things. If he keeps this attitude up, he'll over react and no one will be listening.

As for being jealous for being in the spotlight, no one is really jealous. They are actually proud of him and his accomplishments. Someone who works hard enough to get that spot will be congratulated.

Broenze said...

Many of what kids have no moral upbringing? You must be talking about both teams because it takes two to tango. It didn't say Jeanette beatdown the other team so you must be insinuating Jeanette's basketball team are thugs. How do you know they even listen to rap and what does hip-hop/rap have anything to do with this game? How much hip-hop and rap do you listen to Bickle? I seriously doubt you know enough to be an expert of rap music genre to know anything of it because if you did you would know better than to say what you did. Not all rappers are thugs and it doesn't teach disrespect and mayhem. You had mayhem at Columbine and at Virginia Tech and it wasn't rap enduced and those were the worst mass shootings in high school and college history. You should think twice before you speak you sound like a bigot. Had this been a fight between two country road predominantly white teams it wouldn't even be a headline.