Thursday, March 27, 2008

Clemson Recruit With a Large Wad of Cash?

Yes, Clemson recruit Kenneth Page could have some explaining to do. According to the site Brahsome, Page posted this image on his MySpace page and "it came down about as quickly as it went up." Unfortunately for Page, somebody grabbed it during those few precious moments.

Page, an offensive guard from A.C. Flora High in Columbia, S.C., was graded a four-star recruit by Rivals. He picked the Tigers over North Carolina, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, South Carolina and Tennessee. Golly gee, wonder why? As Brahsome points out, those are "straight-from-the-bank $20 bills."

There was the usual B.S. "news" conference on Jan. 25 when Page selected Clemson.

After examining the body of evidence, Brahsome writes that "it’s pretty hard to argue that it’s not in fact Kenneth in the photo with the bills. It’s entirely possible that Page just has a really rich grandmother who likes to hand out wrapped bills in plastic bags, but either way, you gotta figure Kenneth and Lil’ Bobby [Tommy Bowden] got some explaining to do."

Thanks to Carr for sending this our way.


Brian said...

It's my understanding that his uncle runs an ATM business. For what it's worth.

Great reporting. (insert sarcasm here)

Anonymous said...

And obviously we're going to take a Clemson fan's comments with a grain of salt (no sarcasm needed).

Anonymous said...

Or Brian, we can safely assume that he, like about 95% of college football players, that he was paid off by the school. Except he was stupid enough to post a picture of those sweet Bowden money stacks on his myspace.

Anonymous said...

Now that picture is showing up as an Ad on Facebook