Friday, February 01, 2008

Paterno an Oldie but a Goodie to Students

Joe Paterno is entering the final year of his contract at Penn State, and while speculation is that he will continue to coach beyond 2008, his popularity continues to grow — especially among students.

Paterno's name is mentioned in more than 100 Facebook groups, including "I would donate my left leg to Joepa," "Joepa will outlive my children," and "I'd watch JoePa have sex with my mom," according to Elaine Hughes of the Daily Collegian.

Another group wants Paterno, 81, to host "The Price is Right" and 15 Facebook users want the coach to be President of the United States.

The student book store featured a shirt, sold before the Notre Dame game, that said, "You've got Jesus, We've got JoePa."

Thanks to TV Tan Line and UWire.


Knute Bryant said...

If JoePa goes out any other way than dying on the football field in the middle of the game it would be a travesty.

boz said...

also, these kids parents have threated non-payment of school if they didnt write these things!!