Friday, February 22, 2008

The mtn., DirecTV Strike a Deal

The Mountain West Conference's TV network — the mtn. — and satellite carrier DirecTV have reached an agreement to start airing the network in August.

The mtn., much like the Big Ten Network, faced distribution troubles from the start. The network currently is available to only to 1.2 million homes nationwide. Partners Versus (70 million) and CSTV (42 million) also have the ability to air some select league games on satellite and cable companies.

Adding DirecTV will significantly increase the coverage area of the league's athletic events and will pressure its primary competitor, DishNetwork to follow suit.


jeremy said...

about freaking time

Anonymous said...


Knute Bryant said...

Good to hear. I enjoy MW FB more than the big boys most days.

Chris said...

it is certainly better than watching the Big Televen!