Friday, February 08, 2008

Mike Stoops Issues an Apology

A day after Mike Stoops wisecracked that "Arizona State has turned into a JC, and we're a four-year college," the Arizona coach issued an apology.

"These remarks were dutifully reported by the media, and not necessarily taken out of context — which was within some of my heartfelt observations about the recruiting process and what it entails for individuals and college football programs," Stoops said in a press release. "I've since spoken with ASU coach Dennis Erickson. It was a personal mistake and one for which I apologize."

Stoops' apology followed a press release from Terri Shafer, Arizona State's vice president of public affairs. Shafer's release noted that the NCAA's Academic Progress Report — which punishes programs with poor graduation rates — has cost the Sun Devil football team "NO SCHOLARSHIPS."

Arizona has lost six scholarships in the past three years.

Shafer was still upset, even after Stoops' apology.

"It's also very interesting in the apology that he didn't say he was wrong," she said. "The facts would have stood uncorrected if we hadn't issued the information we did."

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Knute Bryant said...

He's a rival. He can't admit he's wrong.