Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last Stand for Willingham?

Welcome to Washington football. A disgruntled fan base. A series of stories by the Seattle Times detailing the disturbing story behind the 2000 Rose Bowl team. A murderous 2008 schedule that includes nonconference games against Brigham Young, Oklahoma and Notre Dame.

Welcome to Tyrone Willingham's world.

Add that Todd Turner, Willingham's biggest supporter, was fired as athletic director.

It's a mess right now in Seattle and Willingham finds himself occupying Hot Seat No. 1 in rankings by Coaches Hot Seat. What will it take to save his job? Coaches Hot Seat breaks it down.

No. 2 behind Willingham is Wyoming's Joe Glenn, who is 26-33 in five years at Laramie. Then there's Iowa's Kirk Ferentz, whose players are getting arrested at a dizzying rate (see post below).

Completing the top five are Arizona's Mike Stoops and Syracuse's Greg Robinson.

Thanks to Image of Sport.


Chris said...

what is so murederous about playing BYU, ND and Oklahoma at home????

2 out of 3 of those games are very winnable.

Purdue Matt said...

I agree. Referring to ND as part of a murderer's row is a little too much.

Knute Bryant said...

Most of last years coaches on the hot seat actually did get the boot.

Guy Morriss

fife53 said...

for all intents and purposes, ty was going to be out as coach at the end of the season. turner, former AD, talked ty into staying after ty said he was willing to walk away, hence turner getting the ax, err, resigning and being paid for the remainder of his contract.