Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Just Saying, Part Two ...

It started with a Jan. 16 blog entry by Lya Wodraska of the Salt Lake Tribune, who said Florida's Urban Meyer appeared to have violated a couple of NCAA rules in his recruitment of Sierra Community College receiver Carl Moore. The Wiz was alerted to the report by the site State of Miami.

Two days later, with the help of Internet sleuths, this site ran another report that was published on Dec. 18 in the Sacramento Bee. That story detailed another apparent violation by Meyer, who reportedly called Moore from the Heisman Trophy ceremony and then handed the phone to Tebow.

Florida officials began an investigation, and on Tuesday they announced that Meyer had done nothing wrong.

End of story, perhaps. We report the news around here and sometimes break it. And we get emails. This one happened to touch our heart when it arrived two days after the Wiz first linked to the Sacramento Bee story:

"Just out of curiosity because I'm not entirely sure how this all works, and I'm not making any sorts of accusations, but just how is it that all these newspapers suddenly have the Tebow story and the Sacramento Bee link included in their pieces on Meyer. It's amazing timing how that Bee article went unnoticed for a month, then suddenly you use it and now everyone has it cited in their articles."

Amazing, isn't it? :-)

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