Friday, February 01, 2008

An Eye-Opening Arrest in Pullman

Safety Xavier Hicks was one of two Washington State players suspended this week and now we know why.

Jim Moore of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that Hicks, right, was arrested for second-degree assault for allegedly putting rubbing alcohol in teammate and roommate Grady Maxwell's contact-lens case.

Commander Chris Tennant of the Pullman Police Department said this apparently stemmed from a problem with their cable bill. Maxwell, an offensive lineman, paid half of the bill — about $40 — before leaving for Christmas. Hicks apparently was supposed to pay the bill.

But when Maxwell returned after the holiday break, the cable bill wasn't paid and service had been turned off. It ultimately turned into the contact-lens caper.

Fortunately, Maxwell never put the contact lenses in his eyes. He noticed they had gotten larger than usual, sniffed them and detected rubbing alcohol.

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