Friday, February 01, 2008

Duke Will Soon Have a Case of the Runs

One would think the first order of business for David Cutcliffe, right, would be to tell his team is to quit losing. But that's exactly what the new Duke coach, pictured with university president Richard Brodhead, told his players.

Cutcliffe has ordered his team to collectively lose at least 1,000 pounds by March 19, the start of spring practice.

"We're not going to have a fat football team. And we're a fat football team right now," Cutcliffe told Will Flaherty of the Duke Chronicle.

One of the Blue Devils' many problems last season was an inability to close out games. Duke was outscored, 100-50, in the fourth quarter and lost late leads against Navy and North Carolina.

"If I have to get out there on that field and run them myself, 100 100-yard sprints, then they'll start losing weight and moving better," Cutcliffe said.

Thanks to UWire.

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