Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prejudice Against Overweight Mangino

His trophy case now features the 2007 Big 12 coach of the year award along with eight separate national coach of the year honors. On top of that, he guided a Kansas team that was considered to have second-rate talent to a 12-1 record and a victory in the Orange Bowl.

Yet when opening after opening came up, no one called Mark Mangino. Why? Because he's fat and bald, that's why.

Thor Nystrom, in a column for the Daily Kansan, marvels at what passes the test these days in coaching circles:

"Arkansas hired a con man, who couldn’t even finish the season at his previous job as coach for the Atlanta Falcons (Bobby Petrino). UCLA hired a coach who has had problems follow him at every stop and was essentially blackballed from college since 2002 (Rick Neuheusel).

"West Virginia hired a coach who used the 'n' word when referring to a player at his previous head coaching stop (Bill Stewart). And Michigan hired a guy who promptly shredded documents at his old school and is trying to dodge a contractually obligated $4 million buyout (Rich Rodriguez).

"It’s pathetic. These bastions of higher learning are willing to roll the dice on candidates with character concerns for their head coaching positions but not on men with impeccable character whom the boosters’ wives won’t swoon after."

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Anonymous said...

That Nystrom article is all kinds of lazy, if not downright terrible.

Petrino won at Looville and Auburn. Stewart didn't "refer to" or call a player the "n word," but did use it when speaking to a black player on his team (and to infer that a person is racist b/c of that is stupid--all the players had no problem lobbying for his hiring). Rodriguez did shred documents, but their relationship to his attempt at getting out of the contractually-obligated buyout is unclear. No comment on Neuheisel; Nystrom might've gotten that one right.

Throw it on the wall, see what sticks. Lazy journalism.

Anonymous said...

Impeccable Character??? That is laughable when referring to Mangino.

Try academic fraud on Mangino's watch.

rob said...

Mangino gets his suits from Michael's of Kansas City.