Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is Tarnished Heisman a Tarnished Book?

Marc Isenberg, author of Money Players, is not a fan Don Yaeger's recently released Tarnished Heisman, which examines Reggie Bush and his family's relationship with Michael Michaels and Lloyd Lake and their short-lived sports agency.

Yaeger explained his investigative reporting methodology to All Things Trojan and Isenberg broke it down:

"One, Lloyd Lake, a convicted criminal, was paid by Simon & Schuster for his 'story.' Lake clearly had an axe to grind against Reggie Bush for allegedly taking the money and running to a different sports agency. ... Two, the book relies heavily on secretly taped conversations that took place between Lake and Bush and Lake and Bush's stepfather, LaMar Griffin.

"Yaeger on the tapes: 'Frankly, without the tapes, I don't think you do this book.' Under California Penal Code 632 it is a crime to record a conversation without all other party's consent consent. ... The bottom line is that much of the most salacious information used to bolster claims made in Tarnished Heisman were obtained in violation of the law."


boz said...

So. doesn't dispute the fact what Reggie Bush did.

Stephen said...

yea it doesn't matter the guy was convicted of a crime he can prove Reggie and USC are guilty and should get the death penalty.

Stephen said...

oh and i forgot Roll Tide