Monday, January 21, 2008

Grades Are In and Crewcut Gets an 'F'

Coaches Hot Seat has been going through the test scores from the 2007 season and has handed out its grades. As you might expect, Les Miles, Mark Richt, Gary Pinkel and Mark Mangino finished at the head of the class.

Among those with failing grades (and who still have jobs) are Crewcut Charlie Weis, Greg Robinson and Tim Brewster. Coaches Hot Seat said of Crewcut's 3-9 season: "No excuse to lose 9 games at Notre Dame."

Kirk Ferentz, whose team finished 6-6, received a D-minus. "Is anyone coaching this Iowa football team?" North Texas' Todd Dodge did a little better, getting a D. "High school is not college."

Also getting D grades were San Diego State's Chuck Long ("1 more losing season and it's turn out the lights"), South Carolina's Steve Spurrier ("Spurrier's legacy is being tarnished at USC"), Miami's Randy Shannon ("Lost 6 of the last 7. Not good enough for the U") and Arizona's Mike Stoops ("It is 7 wins or bust for Mike Stoops in '08").


Anonymous said...

• Continuing their fine work Sunday through Friday, the ND football team achieved a fifth straight semester with a team average G.P.A of over 3.0. Prior to Charlie's tenure at ND, the highest team GPA (since such numbers were recorded '92) was 2.91.

Sticking with the academic theme, Notre Dame was awarded the 2007 American Football Coaches Association's Academic Achievement Award this past week in Anaheim, California. The annual award goes to the college program with the highest football graduation rate. This year, which represents the players who entered the school in 2001-02, the Irish tied for first place with Northwestern as 95% of the class graduated. Overall it is the 7th time that ND has won the award ('82, '83', '84, '88, '91, '01)

dawizofodds said...

2001-02 ... Curious, was this Ty Willingham's first recruiting class?

boz said...

2 things.

1 was on here. 1 was not.

1.) kudos to you fellas showing Steve Spurrier in a negative light. It's about time. He doesn;t have the "it" thing anymore like he had in Florida. retire old man.

2.) why was Bobby Bowden's name not on the D list?? he has zero control over his team and hasn't been worth a piss since spot was a pup and moby dick was a minnow.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

What about Pete Carroll guys? The guy managed to get his team to lose to a terrible Stanford team at home minus their starting quarterback. They also lost to a 4 loss Oregon squad and barely beat Washington. With all the talent on their squad I think we can say Carroll did a bad job of coaching this season.

Anonymous said...

Join Dana's bandwagon --- F*** Notre Dame. hehehe

By the way, there is NO way the most idiot ND football player can flunk - they are spoon fed everything with tutors and easy class schedules. With that ANYONE can graduate. It is a joke. I know, I was a tutor there!