Thursday, January 24, 2008

'The Beast' Is Coming Home

Bob "The Beast" Sapp arrived on the University of Washington campus in 1992 as defensive lineman. He switched to offense his second year and eventually became a third-round pick of the Chicago Bears in 1997.

The 6-foot-4, 368-pound Sapp bounced around the NFL and was cut by four teams, tried his hand at the minor league professional wrestling circuit and eventually went to Japan in 2001 after being recruited by K-1 founder Kazuyoshi Ishii. The YouTube clip is from an event at the Bellagio in 2003, where Sapp, ever the salesman, called out Mike Tyson.

He left K-1 in 2005, appeared in several films, including a remake of "The Longest Yard," and has since returned to Mixed Martial Arts. Sapp, who estimates that he has endorsed more than 400 products (mainly in Japan) and made $7 million in his career, is back in the Great Northwest to promote an upcoming event he will participate in at the Tacoma Dome.

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