Sunday, December 16, 2007

Spreading the Wealth

In 1999, Texas Tech hired a consultant, Barry Terranova, to help in its search for a coach. The Red Raiders lacked the resources of Big 12 brethren Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma and the campus is a four-hour drive to the nearest big city.

Terranova knew there was a way to overcome disadvantages in resources and recruiting. The key was a spread offense.

"It's something you'll continue to see proliferate because people have found it incredibly difficult to stop," Terranova said. "With some teams that otherwise should have problems being competitive, it made them competitive."

He sold Texas Tech officials on the idea and identified Mike Leach, an Oklahoma assistant, and Rich Rodriguez, then the offensive coordinator at Clemson, as top candidates. Leach got the job.

Texas Tech has since gone to eight bowl games in a row and the popularity of the spread offense — or variations of it — have enabled once struggling programs like Texas Tech to thrive.

Thanks to Mike!

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Scott Albrecht said...

I'm an A&M and bleed maroon, and despite hating Tech, I have been fascinated with Leach since his offenses at OU starting kicking our butts. I have this game of moral dilemmas where I wonder if, given the chance, I would coach under and learn from Leach even if that meant I would have to help Tech win.