Monday, December 17, 2007

Rodriguez's Disappearing Act

Check out these images of Rich Rodriguez and his party (including wife Rita) slipping out of Morgantown early last Friday for a flight to Toledo and his thought-to-be-secret meeting with Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman and athletic director Bill Martin. Our friends at Losers With Socks have more images, somewhat poor in quality because they were shot with a cameraphone.

As you know by now, Rodriguez is Michigan's new coach, and everybody in West Virginia is pissed off, starting with Governor Joe Manchin, a former Mountaineer quarterback who has his own parking spot outside of Mountaineer Field. Manchin is also a close friend of Nick Saban.

And check out this newly created MySpace page for the "Traitor."

This breakup had the ugliest of endings. According to Mitch Vingle of the Charleston Gazette, West Virginia officials first received word of Rodriguez's departure when graduate assistant Mike Parrish handed athletic director Ed Pastilong a short letter of resignation from the coach. A grad assistant. Quite manly of you, Rich!

In addition, Rodriguez told quarterback recruit Terrelle Pryor about his decision before he told anybody at West Virginia. Pryor, of course, has just added Michigan to his list of schools.

Rodriguez will be introduced Monday at 9 a.m. Eastern, and you can watch a live video stream of the news conference by clicking here.


Peter Bodensteiner said...

I believe these are actually from after the announcement on Saturday and on the way to the Michigan press conference. The weather is appropriately gloomy.

Greg said...

Correct. The pictures were from then, taken with a cell phone from one of the hecklers, I believe.

Greg said...

I guess I should add that he was heckled as he was leaving that day.

deffy said...

Yea, I took these pictures and yes they are from Sunday night as RR, Magee, and Gibson headed out of Morgantown to Toledo.