Monday, December 17, 2007

Poinsettia Bowl Fever Is at an All-Time High

Take a deep breath because we are only three days from the start of bowl season. It starts Thursday night in San Diego, site of the Poinsettia Bowl, and things are already getting out of hand in America's Finest City.

Navy and Utah, which lead off the parade of 32 games in 19 days, have already arrived on the scene. Now before you go off an say bowl games are meaningless, consider this: Minnesota blew a 31-point third-quarter lead against Texas Tech and lost last year's Insight Bowl. Two days later, Glen Mason was fired.

Now look at the Golden Gophers. Tim Brewster is the coach and they just finished a 1-11 season.

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Rob said...

Poinsettia Bowl is GOD!!!!! I wish I had been there.