Saturday, December 29, 2007

Neuheisel Is UCLA's Choice

UCLA has its man, and it's Rick Neuheisel.

Neuheisel had been the front-runner after reportedly making several promises to UCLA chancellor Gene Block, including being able to produce four different donors who could produce $1 million each for the Pauley Pavilion makeover.

Neuheisel also racked up over 50 NCAA violations while he was coach at Colorado and Washington. He was fired at Washington after taking part in a high-stakes NCAA basketball betting pool but later received a $4.5 million settlement in a wrongful termination lawsuit.


Boz said...

regardless, i think this is a great hire. ONLY Neuheissel has the khanoes to go toe-to-toe with Carroll on the recruiting trail in the same town.

he'll get his share of recruits and this team, which i don't care for, will compete in the next two years for PAC 10 titles.

LOU said...

UCLA has been forced to take a big time gamble on Slick Neuhiesal because UCLA Football has become irrelevant. Pete Carroll owns UCLA and they need a guy who - whether dishonest or not - can bring in recruits to compete with the Trojan Dynasty across town. Bruins would sell their souls to beat USC again.