Monday, December 31, 2007

Good Times for the Longhorns in San Diego

If you've never been to a Holiday Bowl, well, you must. Ross was kind enough to send us a link to images of his excursion to America's Finest City and he came away impressed, calling the experience "a blast."

"I met up with Rob and Katy who run and also Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation. Rob and Katy put on a tailgate at every Texas game (home and away and bowls) and I helped them put it together. We met up at about 9 a.m., bought food and beer for the group and got to the stadium and set up our tailgate area at 10 a.m. (for a 5 p.m. game).
"The crowd started showing up in droves at about 2 p.m. and we grilled sausage wraps and went through about a dozen 36 packs of beer. Good tailgate that came together with the help of a lot of sources bringing the awning and chairs, grill, etc.
"The game was great from the Texas point of view. We came out aggressive and played hard. We were badly outnumbered in the stands (80/20). But a lot of the local ticket holders without a stake in the game left at half and ASU fans began leaving in the third quarter."

You can view more images from the game by clicking here. If you're headed to a bowl, send us images and comments about your experience. The address: dawizofodds (at)

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Ok, that Darren Damewood (UT football mgr 01-05)and some former Texas Angels!