Friday, November 23, 2007

A West Virginia-Ohio State Title Game?

West Virginia is all but guaranteed a spot in the Bowl Championship Series title game on Jan. 7 in the Louisiana Superdome. All the Mountaineers need to do to secure a spot is win Saturday against Connecticut and Dec. 1 against Pittsburgh. Both games are in Morgantown.

If West Virginia blows either one of these games, it may never hear the end of it. The Mountaineers are 19-point favorites against the Huskies at the time of this post, and that number has been steadily climbing after Louisiana State's three-overtime loss to Arkansas.

Ohio State has a very real shot at playing in the title game, according to the BCS Guru. If the winner of the Missouri-Kansas game loses in the Big 12 title game, the Buckeyes are headed to New Orleans.

So is the BCS working, bringing us a matchup of the two best teams? The Guru says no:

"Can anyone really say that these are the best two teams in the country? Honestly? No. While they each have lost just one game so far, they also benefited from playing in the two weakest BCS conferences — neither the Big Ten nor the Big East currently have another team in the Top 15 of the BCS standings. And neither Ohio State nor West Virginia played a remotely challenging non-conference schedule."


Anonymous said...

Go Buckeyes.....Bring on the Toothless Mountaineers!!

Anonymous said...

anonymous: I'd be hiding behind my anonymity too if my team's mascot was a worthless nut!