Thursday, November 15, 2007

Refs Fumble Another One

It has been bash the refs week in this corner of cyberspace, so at this point, why not get called for piling on? Check out this no-call on a clear fumble in the Illinois-Ohio State game. The Fighting Illini tied the score on the next play, and Buckeye fans are livid, saying this miss could have cost Ohio State a shot at the Bowl Championship Series title game.

The Wiz is beginning to wonder if on-field officials are becoming hesitant to make calls, believing the replay booth will bail them out. In this case, it didn't happen.

And in a sign of good sportsmanship, the Illini and Buckeyes decided to exchange a few more blows after the game.

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Anonymous said...

Even worse than this manifestly obvious error, the Big Ten refuses to comment one way or the other on it. At least Pac-10 officials care enough about the legitimacy of their sporting events to admit when a mistake has been made by the officials. That the Big Ten has not done the same is appalling.