Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nutt Riding McFadden to Finish Line

From the Arkansas message board Woo Pig comes this image of jockey Houston Nutt riding his favorite horse, Darren McFadden, whose 321 rushing yards against South Carolina revived the Razorbacks' spirits. McFadden, a junior who is back in the thick of the Heisman race, is all but a goner after this season, we hear, because the NFL pays better than Arkansas.

As for Nutt, he could be on the Dallas Cowboys' staff next year working for friend and Arkansas alum Jerry Jones. Nutt is currently 11th on the Coaches Hot Seat rankings. UCLA's Karl Dorrell has surged to the top of the list.

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Scott Albrecht said...

Why hasn't Franchione tried that tactic, but instead of the world's greatest running back, he has slow, white quarterback who's too scared to throw the ball 15 yards down field.