Friday, November 23, 2007

Jenn Sterger Needs Your Attention

Two years ago, Jenn Sterger busted onto the scene when the Florida State student was spotted by an ABC cameraman attending a Seminole game. Lately, she has been spotted riding the South Florida bandwagon.

On Saturday, she will be in Gainesville for the Florida State-Florida game and has likely checked out camera positions and made sure she has informed CBS officials where she will be sitting.

The heck with the Bulls, who briefly rose to No. 2 in the Bowl Championship Series standings. Sterger is all about the Seminoles — at least this weekend.

"We are very, very loyal," Sterger said. "We stick by our team. We have been through some tough times lately with all our coaching changes, but we still keep going. The way things have gone the past couple of years, I would love nothing more than to see us pull out a victory in The Swamp."

Sterger said she has nothing against Gator fans, saying "they're great" and that generally, they treat her well. But she adds, "I also think blood-alcohol content has something to do with the way people react to me."


Anonymous said...

How exactly does one jump on a school's bandwagon if one actually attended said school as Sterger did?

Check the facts - she went to both USF (first) and then later FSU (where she got her degree)

Anonymous said...

Isn't her 15 minutes up yet?